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Sunrise Beach Painting with Sand Dunes and Walking Path to the Ocean

"Blessed" 24x30 Original Acrylic Beach Painting Palm Beach Gardens, Florida No Longer Available Prints Available $22 Commissions: Custom Original Painting Order Accepted BUY : Visit Original Paintings Shop BUY :   Canvas, Wood and Metal Prints, Pillows, Totes and More! This beautiful sunrise beach painting depicts a glistening path that leads you to the ocean.  The sea dances with the reflection of the sun in this unique seascape painting.  An enchanting coastal painting with sunlit sand dunes, seagrass and sea grapes.  A sense of peacefulness and tranquility are evoked by this artwork.  Seascape paintings with sunset and sunrises are most popular with my collectors.  

Path to the Beach Painting

Path to the Beach Acrylic Painting 24x30 Sold Imagine yourself walking on the sand as you cut between the dunes to take a walk on the beach.  There is something about the sand between your toes and gently blowing  sea ats that evoke a warm feeling inside.  The blue ocean and gently rolling waves await you. Come roll your jeans up and dip your toes in the warm water.  The serene cloudless sky is a beautiful blue with a warm sunny horizon is only slightly visible but it draws you into the painting. The sand dunes have soft beige and blue gray tones with touches of warm colors here and there.  I have so many wonderful childhood memories of running and rolling down the sand dunes on Padre Island.  They are a marvelous sight to see, and are one of my favorite things to paint.