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Shrimp Boat Paintings

Shrimp Boat Paintings 16x12 Oil Painting on Archival Cotton Canvas .75 inch "Tinkering" SOLD Prints start at $22 Commissions: Custom Original Painting Order Accepted  Sold BUY :   Canvas, Wood and Metal Prints, Pillows, Totes and More! When I was growing up in South Texas, we would go fishing at the jetties on Padre Island, Texas. I loved watching the shrimp boats come and go.    I can still remember going over the old causeway and seeing shrimp boats at the docks where we would stop for an ice cream cone on our way home. During a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, we stopped in a coastal town called Darien, Georgia just to see the shrimp boats that are abundant there.  This detailed marine painting was inspired by an old shrimp boat that was docked by an old shed.  I put the shimmering light in the door that glows on the deck and on the railing.  An old anchor hangs in the front of the boat and the water beautifully reflects the shrimp boat.   I c