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Sandpipers by the Sea Painting

  Sandpipers by the Sea  Original no longer available A colorful beach painting of the sea and sandpiper shorebirds playing in puddles along the beach.  The sand by the seashore glistens in the sun as the sandpipers scamper on the sand.  The waves are luminous with tones of blue and teal with foamy waves in this seaside painting.  The beautiful blue sky is painted with a complimentary blue color and soft clouds.   Sandpipers are so cute and fun to watch as they play tag with the waves. This vibrant whimsical artwork will make a beachy addition to a coastal decor home.

Great Blue Heron Marsh Painting

Great Blue Heron in Marsh Painting 20x16 Great Blue Herons are one of my favorite coastal birds.  I see them frequently in my back yard by my lake.  Sometimes they are so tame that you can get up close and practically touch them. Some of the older birds seem to be use to photographers and seem to pose when you are pointing the camera at them!  This is a painting of a Great Blue Heron in  a grassy marsh.  The painting has beautiful warm gold and green grass up against the dark water and is very striking.  This work of art would make an elegant statement in any coastal inspired home.  Great Blue Herons are at home in many nature areas including marshes and beaches.  I have seen them along the beach on the West Coast on Sanibel Island, but  I've never seen one on an Atlantic Coast beach.  They can also be seen on inland wetlands and rivers.  

Path to the Beach Painting

Path to the Beach Acrylic Painting 24x30 Sold Imagine yourself walking on the sand as you cut between the dunes to take a walk on the beach.  There is something about the sand between your toes and gently blowing  sea ats that evoke a warm feeling inside.  The blue ocean and gently rolling waves await you. Come roll your jeans up and dip your toes in the warm water.  The serene cloudless sky is a beautiful blue with a warm sunny horizon is only slightly visible but it draws you into the painting. The sand dunes have soft beige and blue gray tones with touches of warm colors here and there.  I have so many wonderful childhood memories of running and rolling down the sand dunes on Padre Island.  They are a marvelous sight to see, and are one of my favorite things to paint.

Marsh Sunset Painting

  Marsh Sunset Painting, Acrylic 16x12 This beautiful serene marsh work of art reflects the light purple and pink sunset sky with just a touch of orange and yellow for a luminous glow.  Tiny wildflowers peek out from the marsh grass in happy pink and light orange colors.  Pine trees light up in the fields of flowing golden and green grasses.  Soft red orange and light green brushes draw you into the painting and keep you mesmerized.  Grass reflections are found along the water's edge where wildflowers make their home.  This paintings is inspired by the Florida and South Carolina low county marshes and sunsets.