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About the Artist

Amber Palomares Impressionist Paintings
Working in my art studio!

Amber Palomares Impressionist Landscape and Seascape Artist

This is a blog about living well and pursuing my passion for 

painting God's creations on canvas

 I joyfully paint from my heart what I know and love.  This Coastal Art Paintings blog journal provides an inside look at the inspiration for each of my paintings.

I grew up in South Texas where I enjoyed going on many fishing and camping trips to South Padre Island and visiting National Wildlife Refuges. Palm Beach Gardens in South Florida is now my home.  The natural beauty of seashores and coastal areas are the subject of many of my paintings.  As an avid gardener and visitor of nature parks and botanical gardens, I also take delight in painting flowers in all their glory.  Intrigued by historical churches, buildings and homes, some of my paintings will also have glimpses of  stately mansions, old iron gates, cobblestone streets, and old churches found in places like Charleston, South Carolina where I was fortunate to live on James Island.  The Florida Everglades and Low Country marshlands found in Georgia and the Coastal Carolinas are often the subject of my serene impressionist landscape and seascape paintings.  Beaches, harbors, marine life, lighthouses and beach cottages from Key West to Nantucket to the shores of Padre Island will often take center stage on my canvas.

My first passion has been helping other achieve their academic and career goals.  Since 1996, I have been working in higher education, nonprofit and government settings in order to help others find and follow their chosen profession.  I have worked with disadvantaged at risk youth in underserved communities throughout Palm Beach County.  I have returned to Texas and am working for a local university.   I have a M.Ed. from the University of South Carolina.

In my mid 40s I discovered I had a passion and talent for painting.  I have been on an artful journey ever since I picked up a paintbrush.    In my spare time,  I enjoy pursuing my art as a hobby now.   I am mostly self-taught, but I have received professional artist training through workshops, drawing course and  have completed over 175 hours of course training from a master artist, Johannes H. Vloothuis. I have also studied instructional demonstrations from Frank Serrano, Donald Demers, Marcia Burtt, and Larry Seiler, Scott Gellatly and Larry Moore.   I continue to learn and grow in the field as artists are constant learners and develop with each brush stroke.

I truly feel like my life has been what God has called me to do.  With a paint brush in my hand during this chapter of my life, I trust and strive to honor him in all things I do.

...and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  Romans 8:28

I hope you enjoy the online blog journal of my paintings.  


Amber Palomares

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  "Lazy Day Stroll" SOLD 24x36  Landscape Nature Oil Painting   Gallery Wrapped Canvas 1 3/8" (sides painted black) Copyright held by Artist, Amber Palomares Palm Beach Gardens Artist The sea oats are swaying in the the gentle breeze by the beach in this coastal oil painting. Blooming railroad vines by weathered wood fences greet you as you walk through the majestic dunes. Can you feel the sand between your toes and smell the salty air?   Leave your cares behind and take a lazy day stroll by the sea!   Please contact me if you have any questions or are searching for an oil painting.