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Sunrises and Sunsets: My Next Chapter

Sunrises and sunsets are my favorite subjects to take photographs of and paint.  They signify a brand new start and a closing of a chapter.   I have started a new chapter in my life!  My husband and I have moved back to Texas after leaving over 20 years ago.  I enjoyed living in South Carolina for a several years but spent the last 20+ years in Florida.  It is great to be back in the Rio Grande Valley by family and were we were both raised.  I was also very fortunate to be able to continue my long career in higher education in Texas where I work for a university.    As I turn the chapters in my life, I will share my love for paintings, nature and living well on this blog!  Living well to me means being a good steward of God's gifts, for the good of others to glorify and praise God.  I have enjoyed sharing my paintings over the years and am excited about painting new places in Texas.   I have yet to unpack from our move, and will leave my art supplies in boxes until we find our perm
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My Paintings Are Featured in a Fine Dining Restaurant

I am thrilled and honored to announce the Lewis Steakhouse  purchased  four paintings for their new restaurant in Jupiter, Florida.  I  can't wait to see how they featured them and will visit them soon to to take photographs and enjoy some of their delicious menu items!

Ocean and Sand Dunes Full Moon Painting

  "Sea of Tranquility" 24x36  Landscape Nature Oil Painting   Gallery Wrapped Canvas 1 3/8" (sides painted black) By: Amber Palomares, Fine Art Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Artist Copyright held by artist The glowing full moon by the seashore brings a sense tranquility!  The beach moonlight glistens on the ocean and sand dunes in this original oil painting.  The super moon shines bright in the night sky and sea grass.  The deep blue sea glistens with its light as the rolling waves come ashore.  The sea shimmers with hint of the the moonlight.  This ocean painting would make a beautiful statement in a coastal living area!  
  "Lazy Day Stroll" SOLD 24x36  Landscape Nature Oil Painting   Gallery Wrapped Canvas 1 3/8" (sides painted black) Copyright held by Artist, Amber Palomares Palm Beach Gardens Artist The sea oats are swaying in the the gentle breeze by the beach in this coastal oil painting. Blooming railroad vines by weathered wood fences greet you as you walk through the majestic dunes. Can you feel the sand between your toes and smell the salty air?   Leave your cares behind and take a lazy day stroll by the sea!   Please contact me if you have any questions or are searching for an oil painting.

Water Lilies on a pond at sunset oil painting

"Twilight Pond" 24x36  Landscape Nature Oil Painting   Gallery Wrapped Canvas 1 3/8" (sides painted black) By: Amber Palomares, Fine Art Palm Beach Gardens Artist The sunset reflections and waterlilies are dancing with light in this coastal painting!   I am inspired by Monet and his impressionist style.  Like Monet, I did not include a horizon line.  The pink flowers are dazzling on the lily pads that are bidding the day farewell as the sun sets in this South Florida marsh.  

Florida Butterfly Garden Park Oil Painting

  "I Only Have Eyes for You" 24x36  Landscape Nature Oil Painting   Gallery Wrapped Canvas 1 3/8" (sides painted black) On a nice sunny day,  we took a  walk through the park and butterfly garden that was located in Watercolor Beach, Florida.   My husband and Chula took a break under the shade of a big oak tree.  Then, along the sunlit sidewalk a beautiful woman rode by on her blue bicycle.    John's eyes stayed focused on the his pride and joy, Chula!   This beautiful park by the sea has a lovely manmade stream that runs along the nature path. Thick swirly paint highlights the foreground with pine trees and setting sun!

Painting Edges of three New Coastal Paintings

  I put my last three oil paintings in an assembly line to paint the sides.  I often take over the dining room table to perform this task.   The painting in the middle is based on our trip up to Watercolor Beach, FL with Chula, our dog.   I think I will call it "I Only Have Eyes for You". John was focused on Chula and not the beautiful woman who rode by on the sunlit sidewalk next to a stream.  I knew when I took this photo, that I would capture that moment on a canvas one day.  I miss our little Chula.  She loved to go on trips with us.   I also painted this glistening waterlily painting based on a Florida marsh at sunset.   The carnival of colors are delightful and memorizing.  I am a big fan of Monet and can see his influence in the way I paint my waterlily paintings.  I remember visiting an art museum and admiring one of his waterlily paintings.  I asked the curator why the edges still had white  canvas showing and remarked that it looked unfinished.  She said that Monet